Learning Outcomes: 5 and 6

Ever since I was in fifth grade, as proven by my PYP exhibition project, I’ve believed that illiteracy is a problem that damages our society, that’s why in my junior year of high school I chose to be a part of ‘Habla Roosevelt’, a weekend program that helped the children of our school workers learn English. I believe that this CAS Experience illustrates the fifth and sixth CAS learning outcomes.

The fifth outcome talks about a student demonstrating and recognizing the benefits of working collaboratively, something that I learned by attending these workshops. During my time in Habla, I had to work alongside my classmates to be able to effectively communicate and make sure the students learned English, in a compelling matter. This forced me to work with other to make sure that what I was teaching was right and straightforward. Also, in Habla, students are used to working as a team. Therefore I learned that collaboration was not only with the people from my school but also with the kids we were teaching.

Next, I believe that this service activity also exhibits the learning outcomes of the sixth statement due that this activity I demonstrated engagement with a global issue (illiteracy). Even though these kids knew how to read and write, they were missing out on a lot of things surrounding our world due that they weren’t able to communicate in a specific language, therefore by teaching it to them, we would be opening a lot of opportunities to them around the world.