Learning Outcome: 2

I’ve always wanted to improve my relationship with my youngest sister, Josefina. She’s currently finishing the fifth grade, and as soon as one enters middle school, teenagers begin to become much more complicated. Therefore, I chose to tutor her in select classes, this would not only help me improve my relationship with her, but it would also help her at school.

The learning outcome that connects with this CAS experience is the second one (demonstrate that challenges undertaken developing new skills in the process), due that teaching isn’t easy, and when you’re teaching a fifth grader who’d much rather Facetime her friends, it is much harder. That is why I had to develop, not only teaching skills but also find ways to make the lessons much more entertaining so that she’s able to comprehend the concepts further. I did this by researching online engaging ways to teach; this was learned either in video form or on an online website.