Tutoring my sister

Learning Outcome: 2

I’ve always wanted to improve my relationship with my youngest sister, Josefina. She’s currently finishing the fifth grade, and as soon as one enters middle school, teenagers begin to become much more complicated. Therefore, I chose to tutor her in select classes, this would not only help me improve my relationship with her, but it would also help her at school.

The learning outcome that connects with this CAS experience is the second one (demonstrate that challenges undertaken developing new skills in the process), due that teaching isn’t easy, and when you’re teaching a fifth grader who’d much rather Facetime her friends, it is much harder. That is why I had to develop, not only teaching skills but also find ways to make the lessons much more entertaining so that she’s able to comprehend the concepts further. I did this by researching online engaging ways to teach; this was learned either in video form or on an online website.

Habla Roosevelt

Learning Outcomes: 5 and 6

Ever since I was in fifth grade, as proven by my PYP exhibition project, I’ve believed that illiteracy is a problem that damages our society, that’s why in my junior year of high school I chose to be a part of ‘Habla Roosevelt’, a weekend program that helped the children of our school workers learn English. I believe that this CAS Experience illustrates the fifth and sixth CAS learning outcomes.

The fifth outcome talks about a student demonstrating and recognizing the benefits of working collaboratively, something that I learned by attending these workshops. During my time in Habla, I had to work alongside my classmates to be able to effectively communicate and make sure the students learned English, in a compelling matter. This forced me to work with other to make sure that what I was teaching was right and straightforward. Also, in Habla, students are used to working as a team. Therefore I learned that collaboration was not only with the people from my school but also with the kids we were teaching.

Next, I believe that this service activity also exhibits the learning outcomes of the sixth statement due that this activity I demonstrated engagement with a global issue (illiteracy). Even though these kids knew how to read and write, they were missing out on a lot of things surrounding our world due that they weren’t able to communicate in a specific language, therefore by teaching it to them, we would be opening a lot of opportunities to them around the world.

Girl Rising or RISE


The ‘RISE’ 2017-2018 group

The ‘RISE’ 2017-2018 group

RISE is a club founding behind the beliefs that every man and woman should be treated equally, that is what it stands for, and that is what it is. In the club, we also help in an hogar,  a place where orphaned teenage mothers go for help; we go to the hogar every other Saturday to teach them English. I believe that the learning outcomes involves #6 (demonstrate engagement with issued of global significance), and #7 (recognize and consider the ethics of choice and actions).

The first learning outcome that I believe applies to this community and service is the sixth one; it states that a student demonstrates engagement with issued of global significance. I consider that one of the main issues that plague our society is sexism, it is an issue seen all over the world and that needs to be corrected. Having grown up with an almost all female family, I have seen some of the sexist limitations that my sisters, cousins, aunts, and mom have; I joined this club with the idea of putting a mark on the end to sexism, I believe I’m doing the right thing.

The other learning outcome that I believe this activity has is the recognition and consideration of ethics of choice and actions. I think this one is self-explanatory. To be in this club, one must believe in equal rights. Therefore, one must always be considered if what you’re doing is ethical considering the rough environment lived by a woman. It has taught me to continually think of the ethics behind a decision, if it was made because I was a man, or did the person have genuinely good intentions?