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Learning outcomes: 5 and 7

‘El Oráculo’ is the school’s Spanish newspaper, I’ve been writing in it for a couple of years but on the second semester of Junior year is when I began to take it seriously and work harder than ever. On the second semester I joined the ‘Entertainment’ section of the online publication site, and in no time at all, I began to organize everything that went into it, not because I was a leader or anything, but because I was so enthusiastic to work on it.

I believe that this creative activity fulfills the fifth learning outcome due that I had to work as a team, the ‘Entertainment team,’ and that meant that nothing was posted until the team had entirely given their full consent to it. This allowed us to realize how much group work and collaboration helps our different projects. After this experience, I always find myself asking for feedback to be able to submit the best product possible.

The outcome that this activity portrays is the seventh one, that talks about ethics and learning how to implement them. I believe that by working in ‘El Oráculo,’ I’ve realized the importance of considering ethics due that we couldn’t just post anything we wanted. An example of this is the weekly confessions we post, some of them were messy and rude to other people. Therefore the team and I had to learn to realize which ones were too harsh on people and not post them. Also, we had to learn to correct our mistakes, if the team posted something we didn’t consider unethical but turned out to be so, we had to learn to accept our mistakes and apologize. Below the logo is an official post we sent to some class Facebook groups that had complained about something we posted.