The club 'Broadway Bound' has been a part of the FDR community for the past three years but this year we decided to remake it into something that we hope will last for some time, the name of this adaptation is 'Roosevelt Theatre Association' or RTA. The purpose of this club is to transmit our passion for theatre to not only the FDR community but also the outside one; our goal is making workshops in each environment. The two learning outcomes that I'd consider this club being a part of are the first and third outcome. I'd be developing the first area (Identifying own strengths and developing areas of growth) due that I'm teaching the different areas of theatre in which I'm good at and then learning (from other workshops) the areas that I need to improve. The other outcome that I'm focusing in is the third one (demonstrating how to initiate and plan a CAS experience), in this activity I'm not only planning the different workshops needed for each week but also get to design the various shows that the school has to offer.