CAS Project - Madura

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For our CAS Project, we’re developing and writing a screenplay that tells the story of maturity in the eyes of a lower class Peruvian woman, Angie, and chronics three stages of her life; childhood, teenagehood, and adulthood. The overall arc that this story will follow is how a girl who has always been told that she needs to mature, is thrown into an eventful journey of self-discovery. This project will be dealing with creativity and service due that we will be using original ideas to develop a story that raises awareness for a cause that we believe in, maternity. To get our information, we will be researching online and using primary sources like the girls from ‘Girl Rising.’ The learning outcomes that we will pursue are 1,5,6 and 7. We will be using the first learning outcome due that we are going to write various drafts of the screenplay where we can improve on our mistakes and know what we’re good at. We will be using the fifth learning outcome due that to write the screenplay we have to collaborate and contribute on making the screenplay better; if we want to make this a good project and work well together, we would be able to recognize the benefits of working as a group. We will also be using the sixth learning outcome due that we believe in the importance of the issues that we will be dealing with (maturity, poverty, sexism). Therefore we will be passionate about having these be well represented. Finally, we will be demonstrating the seventh learning outcome when we have to be cautious about how we explore ethics; we don’t want to trigger anyone or have something poorly represented therefore when dealing with such a controversial subject, we will have to take into consideration of our actions and choices.