Creativity has always been an important aspect in my life; wanting to completely rely my future on it, I enjoy using my creative juices in my everyday life. In order to do this I've enrolled myself in a variety of activities that help me exercise my creative power, these include: both of the schools newspapers and my school's theatre program. On the Link below you'll find the complete list of creative activities I work on. 



Being honest, I don't consider myself the most athletic person, but I do occasionally enjoy swimming some meters in my local pool. Learn more about the ways I exercise my body on the link below!



Giving back to my community is always something that I try to do as often as possible; this semester I've put myself the goal of enrolling myself in a service activity every Saturday morning. These activities may include going to play with cancer patients for Wish Factory to teaching kids English in Habla Roosevelt. Discover my service journey in the link below!