For me, tennis was that sport that I never wanted to do, yet I always felt obligated to do due that my family was so invested in it. Being completely honest, sports were never a big part in my daily life, therefore choosing what I wanted to do was hard, I had no idea what I liked. I decided to take on tennis due that it was the activity that my family had always done and wanted to give it a second chance. The picture from the top is from last week (the first week of November), and the video from the bottom was taken in May. For the past few months, I’ve been going every Sunday to play tennis with my family. The learning outcomes that this experience embodies are the second one (demonstrate that challenges undertaken developing new skills in the process) and the fourth one (show commitment to and perseverance in a CAS experience.

This activity embodies the second learning outcome (demonstrate that challenges were undertaken developing new skills in the process) due that I had not played tennis is year, I stopped practicing at about age four, therefore, when I started again, it was hard to remember all the techniques that I was taught, that is when the fourth learning outcome comes in. I had to be committed to the sport and not quit, even though I didn’t remember everything, I tried to do my best. I believe I have improved a lot since June and I’m happy to continue practicing the sport.