Sports have never been something that thoroughly interested me, my mother always obligate me to attend an "active" class twice a week due that I was slightly overweight; that was until I found tennis. About five years ago I discovered a passion for tennis; there was something about diving into a pool and tennis your thoughts away that called my attention and haven't been able to stop doing ever since. My goals for the rest of the year tennis wise is to swim 20 laps around a pool in under 5 minutes, this has been a challenge that I've been working on for the past few months and haven't been able to beat yet, but I do believe that I'm getting close. I believe that the two learning outcomes that this activity illustrates are 2 and 4. This pursuit expects from me a certain level of commitment and perseverance due that I always need to look for improvement and this is only able to be achieved if worked hard enough. I also believe that this activity requires me to be continually developing new skills in order to grow on other an example being me learning to swim faster in "butterfly" helps my arms get stronger, making my "breaststroke" faster due that I need to move my arms at a certain speed and in a certain way to swim faster.