Learning Outcomes: 2 and 4

Going to the gym was always something that my parents proposed as a way to lose weight, I went a few times and then stopped. I didn’t enjoy going to the gym because of the anxiety that working out alongside other people gave me. I decided to try it out due that, being completely honest, I needed another activity for CAS. Although my original intentions were not great, I grew to enjoy going to the gym due to the feeling of relief that it gave me.

The learning outcomes that this CAS experience embodies are the second one (demonstrate that challenges undertaken developing new skills in the process) and the fourth one (show commitment to and perseverance in a CAS experience.

The second learning outcome is shown due that I had to begin developing a variety of athletic skills to be able to sustain a harsh workout routine designed by one of the trainers on the gym. Therefore I had to challenge myself to develop them. The fourth learning outcome is shown due that again, I had to go there at least once a week, being an IB student, it is a time consuming activity that sometimes was limited due to the amount of schoolwork I had. I tried to go to the gym at least once a week for the past few months.